discussion writing assignment

Take this in consideration and answer these questions

1. Why a strong sense of ethical responsibility is vital for public speakers.
2. The audience as the central focus of public speaking.
3. How public speakers use language effectively.
4. How to use imagery and rhythm to bring your speech to life.

Questions :- Consider this scenario: State representative Brandi Chapman is running for a seat in the state senate. She has been a hard working legislator and was twice voted the best representative by the by the GGB (Good Government Bureau). At the time the GGB voted her opponent, incumbent Cal Stateman, one of the ten worst senators in state history. Most political analysts believe Chapman would be the superior senator. Stateman has taken a ?no new taxes? pledge and has challenged Chapman to take the same pledge. Chapman knows taxes may have to be raised in order to keep the state solvent. Nevertheless, she also knows that unless she promises to oppose any new taxes, she will lose the election. What should Chapman do and why? What would you do in her place and why?

Just one page APA format

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