Discussion – Role-Playing Game Final Discussion

This module you have looked at professional development plans. In
your initial post, answer what is the value of a professional
development plan and how do you think it will influence a chosen career
path. Do you see yourself creating a professional development plan?
Why? Describe how you will select a career path and create a
professional development plan supporting that path.

Initial post:

it comes to negotiating on salary and other benefits, considering the
time and wording used is essential for every employee. The process of
negotiating salary to most employees may feel like a process of
navigating through the treacherous territory because the employer may
not be willing to listen to you. As a new employee in the company, the
on board entry stage is the most effective stage to negotiate on the
salary and dental insurance that would greatly benefit my son. The
process of negotiation entails two aspects which include what you are
worth as an employee and what the company is willing to pay you. As
an employee who has worked in other successful companies, I would
ensure that I have a list of all significant achievements ranging from
educational work achievements. This strategy would help my employer
understand my value and why I ought to be given a higher pay. I would
consider choosing my words very politely where I would first evaluate
the offer positively and thoughtfully. Starting with a lot of
enthusiasm, I would then give the manager the number I had in mind while
also providing valid reasons for the figures. I would then later
inquire about the dental insurance and if it is available to enquire on
when I would be eligible for the coverage and the process required.Some
of the employees have a tendency to negotiate salaries via emails which
is not the right strategy. Although the process may seem awkward, it is
often easier for employers to stick to the initial salary figures in
emails while it is harder for them to say no in a phone call or face

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