Discussion question/ fill in

Why is debugging flawed processes important? Can you think of any customer situations you are involved with (either as a customer or employee) that could be debugged?

What is integrated and aligned to make Quality Service? What is the goal of integration?

Your family would like you to handle social media on behalf of Hearth and Home Hardware. Using the drop down menu, match each of the following descriptions to the social media tool it represents.

Record videos of various ?how to? projects and upload them so that customers can watch online.
Write about specific tools and projects, along with photos of each step, and post on a website for customers to learn about the store?s products and services.
Use #HearthHomeTip to identify your store?s home-improvement tips posted on Twitter and Facebook.
Create an online activity that challenges players to ?build? a home in competition with other players.

You believe social media communities could help increase exposure for Hearth and Home Hardware, because so many people are interested in do-it-yourself home improvement projects. Indicate whether each of these statements about social media communities is true or false.

A forum acts like an interactive community bulletin board to connect stakeholders and target their interests.
A wiki allows members, such as store shoppers, to compete with each other in a goal-oriented activity with defined rules of engagement.
Social media communities encourage two-way communication among friends, fans, followers, or connections.
The point of a wiki is to encourage community members to contribute information and keep content correct and updated.

You have to take a number of steps as you develop a social media plan for Hearth and Home Hardware. Determine which five of the following six steps are part of the process for building a social media plan, and arrange those five in order using the drop down menu.

Segment and target the social customer

Establish social media objectives

Implement and integrate the plan

Listen to determine opportunities

Plan inbound marketing

Select social media tools

Before you actually implement your social media plan, you want to prepare for measuring the results. Categorize each of the following as either a quantitative or a qualitative measurement.

Setting a benchmark for how many visitors the blog should attract.
Determining whether customers are or are not satisfied.
Determining if customers are satisfied with the time it takes to resolve customer service issues.
Counting the number of followers and likes for the store?s social media accounts.
Measuring the click through rate of links posted in the store?s tweets.

Your family recently acquired a second hardware store in a neighboring town. With two stores and a solid social media presence, you think this is the time for Hearth and Home Hardware to expand into e-business. Use the drop down menu to classify each of the resources shown below as human, informational, material, or financial resources for your e-business.

Hire a designer to create the look and pages for the new website.
Arrange the systems to receive electronic payment from customers via PayPal or credit cards.
Acquire specialized retail software for the e-business.
Outsource installation of tracking systems for customer relationship management, orders, and shipping.
Order specialized computers and networking equipment.
Apply for a bank loan to cover the extra e-business expenses.
Contract with programmers to code the transactional capabilities of the new website.

Your family owns Hearth and Home Hardware, a local store that stocks tools and materials for do-it-yourself home and garden projects. When you work at the store on weekends, you’re often asked to demonstrate how certain tools are used. Also, customers ask for tips on completing projects such as installing a kitchen countertop or putting down a patio. How might your family’s store benefit from the use of social media? Select three reasons from the following list.

Before planning for your family?s possible e-business, you need to understand the different business models. Use the drop down menu to classify each of the following as an example of the business-to-business (B2B) model or the business-to-consumer (B2C) model.

A manufacturer develops a website to manage purchases from and relations with suppliers that sell it equipment, raw materials, and specialized services.
A lighting firm develops a website to accept orders for industrial lighting fixtures from business customers.
A retailer develops a website to sell children?s clothing and accessories to parents and grandparents.
An office furniture firm develops a website to sell ergonomic desks and chairs to small businesses.
An antiques dealer develops a website to sell Colonial-era items to collectors.

Because Hearth and Home Hardware will be embarking on an e-business venture, you need to be aware of ethical and legal concerns, as well as future challenges that you could face. Match each of the following descriptions with the corresponding key term.

Storing services on the Internet to be provided temporarily, as needed, to computer users.
Software that infiltrates a computer system without the user?s consent, often with criminal or malicious intent.
Searching through data records electronically to look for useful information.
A small piece of software sent by a website that tracks what individual Internet users do online.

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