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topic: Read the

class set of paragraphs uploaded in D5a. Pick out two or three that represent average or typical class work: not bad, but not fully successful for the reasons you will explain. Maybe there are too many typos, or some moments of pretzeled syntax; maybe they just lack any voice or style. If you see some good paragraphs, talk about those as well. (You can pick your own work if you want.)

(1ST STUDENT’S POST) The question, ?how many words do you really know in your language?? Can be a hard one to answer. In fact, when I was asked this question, I realized a simple answer, ?I have no clue?. In fact, that is something I had never even thought about before. In our day to day lives, we use language naturally, as our means of communicating with one another. However, we never actually think about the language itself, we just use it without thinking. So, the question remains, ?how many words do you know??.

(2ND STUDENT’S POST) Paper 1: How many words do you know and how did you come up with the total?

There are many words in English vocabulary and words are being add on constantly whether its real word that?s in the dictionary or a slang word. For me to know how many words I know I had to do some investigating. To find out how may words I do know is I went to the sources Professor Hood refereed me to, sources I found on the internet, and some sources from my classmates. One question that I looked up was how many words does the average person know and it was 20,000 to 35,000 words. I also looked up how many words are there in the English language. What I did to find the exact amount of words I know is took some test that test you on your vocabulary, found a couple of list of words, looked at the sources from my professor and classmates, visited the dictionary website about slang words I know and a site where it shows you how words that sound the same but are spelled differently. The total amount of words I know is about 27,825 and I am going to show you how I found the exact amount.

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