Discussion on comic (Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes)

1. Read the book:

Title: Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes

Author: Neil Gaiman

Publisher: DC/Vertigo

ISBN: 1563890119 / 1-56389-011-9

(I also have some documents post by the professor are helpful! Attached below)


2. Answer the following two discussion question:

(#5 need 150-250 words and #6 need 250 words)

Discussion#5: Character Archetypes

In Preludes & Nocturnes many heroes experience a journey. As a result, many characters function as multiple character archetypes.

Question: if we consider Hellblazer (John Constantine) the hero of the chapter titled “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and, which characters act as the herald, the wiseman, the shadow, etc?

You need to identify the archetypes AND provide a rationale for why you believe this character serves as the archetype from monomyth.

Discussion #6: Intertextuality

Directions: In essence, intertextuality is the idea that each text we read will be informed by the previous texts we read. The magic of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series is that multiple references to mythical beings and other characters in the DC Universe are present. Therefore, those who have read other DC titles and ancient mythology will be informed by these experiences upon reading Sandman. However, we do not need to know about these guests in order to enjoy Gaiman’s story.

Becoming familiar with the guests in the tale, however, does add to the depth of the story being told. Choose a character from Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes and conduct a little background research on the character (example characters below). In two to three paragraphs, describe your findings.

One paragraph for each myth associated with the object or being you choose.

One paragraph about how they manifest in other comic books

One paragraph about how they manifest in other mythologies (if applicable).

Example below:

Be creative. If, for example, you find out Morpheus is the God of dreams. Then Google search “God of Dreams” and see what other types of characters show up. Hypnos would likely show up, for example. Or Oneiroi. You could write a paragraph on Hypnos, one on Oneiroi, and one on Morpheus as he exists in Ovid’s Metamorphoses.

Because I used Morpheus as an example, he cannot be used for the exercise 🙂

ONCE A CHARACTER HAS BEEN USED, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE SAME CHARACTER (exceptions allowed if you submit within a minute or two of another person, under the premise that you both wrote about the same character around roughly the same time).

1. Etrigan (DC Comics)

2. Hellblazer (DC Comics)

3. Dr. Destiny (DC Comics)

4. Cain & Abel (The Bible)

5. Azazel

6. Beelzebub


250 words minimum

Use citation if you quote sources word-for-word!

Do not rely on a simple cut and paste approach. You must write this in your own words, using quotes to support your thoughts.

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