Discussion designing behavior intervention plans based upon the functions of the target behaviors

Discussion Topic

The reading for Unit 5 illustrates the
importance of designing behavior intervention plans based upon the functions of
the target behaviors. Identifying these probable functions is done through
analyses of the antecedents and consequences surrounding the target behaviors.
You were introduced to the influences of culture and society on behavior and
how these influences impact your behavior intervention designs. Finally, you
were introduced to several function-based behavior intervention approaches used
by behavior analysts to modify behavior.

With these basics of behavioral functions in
mind, discuss the following:

1. The two broad categories of behavioral
function, attainment and escape/avoidance, and the narrower behavioral
motivations that fall under these broad categories. Provide an example of a
behavior that serves an attainment function and a behavior that serves an
escape/avoidance function.

2. Design a behavior modification approach
that you could use to modify each of the behaviors you discussed in your
examples. What reinforcers will you use?

3. Describe three antecedent-based
modifications that can be made to the classroom environment that will prevent
or reduce the occurrence of inappropriate behavior.

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