Discussion board post. What is literature review anyway?

Your initial reading assignment required that you read and study carefully the following UNC Writing Center Handout: Literature Reviews. You were also provided with sample literature reviews. After you have digested these materials, please complete this three-part assignment:

  1. Respond in at least 250 words (your own words) to the following questions: What is a literature review? Why do scholars write them–and read them? How are they organized? How does the researcher determine the issues to be discussed? Does the literature review simply summarize, or does it involve synthesis as well? How does it differ from a traditional research paper?
  2. Turning your attention to the samples provided, select one, and analyze it in about 150 words: What is the primary subject? What separate issues are discussed? How many sources are included, and what is the date range?
  3. In about 100 words, how will you use these resources as you plan, research, and write your own literature review?

Example literature reviews https://libguides.uwf.edu/c.php?g=215199&p=1420828

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