Discussion 2 What does power mean to you

Discussion 2:

What does power mean to you? How do you define power?

How do you get power? Who can have power?

After answering the questions please watch the video clip below and then add in any thoughts you’ve had.



What’s the importance of knowledge? Is knowing things important anymore now that we have the phone and internet at our fingertips? Why or why not?

Scenario: If a fire starts in your oven what is the first thing that comes to your mind in how to put it out? In other words, imagine the scene and legitimately how you would react in putting it out.

After you’ve answered the questions above, watch the video below and then critically respond with any thoughts you may have.


Discussion 2:

The Research Process

We’re going to work step by step through the research process before I send you off to work on your major research assignments in this class. Today we’re going to tackle the first step of the research process and that’s casting a wide net and playing with keywords.

A few things to keep in mind:

1) Finding the right keyword variation is a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s trial and error before you find the right combination.

You don’t want keywords that is so broad that you get far too many results but you don’t want keywords so narrow that you’re limited your research either.

Pretend I were to write a paper, for example, on walmart and minimum wage.

Too broad keywords:


-walmart minimum wage.

The first is obviously too broad. The second, while better, is still unspecific.

So I want to consider something like “walmart minimum wage not living wage.”

Do you see?

Other keywords I can use.

“walmart workers live on food stamps”

“consequences of living on minimum wage.”

“the negative effects of minimum wage”

So it’s going to take a lot of playing around and replacing sets of keywords to find the combination that you want.

2) You need to be mindful of credible research

For this first assignment I am asking you to use plain ole google.

A few ways to determine if your research is credible:

– Who is the author of the article? What do we know about the author? What are the credentials of said author?

-wikipedia is never a credible source

-websites ending with .edu are generally credible as these are university or college websites.

-look at the “about page” of the website.

3) You need to find a way to keep track of your keywords as you play around with your research. I am a huge believer in using my time wisely. There’s nothing I hate more than wasting my time. Keep a notebook handy and jot down your keywords you’ve used. This way you aren’t wasting time searching a set of keywords you’ve already searched.

4) How are you keep track of your sources? There is nothing worse than finding a bunch of sources and not having saved them! Again, waste of time.

Ways to keep track of your research

-bookmark page

-reading list

-pinterest board

-print hardcopy

-folder on desktop

Homework assignment that you’ll need to submit in the form of a comment below.

Part # 1

Your main topic is hashtags. I want you to narrow this topic into something you?re interested learning more about. I?ve listed some options below, which you are not limited to. If you have other ideas you may use it.

-history and evolution of hashtags

-cultural impact of hashtags

-why hashtags became so popular

Part # 2

Once you?ve decided what aspect of hashtags you?re interested in I want you to begin your research. Cast a wide net of locate 15 possible sources. You don?t actually have to read them. Put them in MLA format. Use the link provided. This will contain absolutely everything you need to know about citing your sources. Use the appropriate link on the left side menu on Owl Purdue and read the directions provided to cite your sources. Remember that your source list must be alphabetized by the author?s last name.

Essentially, you’ve giving me a list put into MLA format citations of possible 15 sources.

Part # 3

Tell me your research process. 1) What keywords did you use? How did you keep track of your keyword combinations? 2) How did you decide which sources would be good possible sources? How did you decide which sources were credible when using ?regular? google versus google scholar?

150 words total for your response in addition to your 15 cited sources.

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