Discussion 1: Cultural Conquest Considering the power of the native societies represented in…

Discussion 1: Cultural ConquestConsidering the power of the native societies represented in symbolic images such as the Goddess Coatlicue statue, how do you think the European conquerors were able to overtake these cultures?Despite the cultural domination instituted by European traders and colonizers, how do you think these Mesoamerican, South American, and African societies have been able to sustain their cultural practices?

Discussion 2: Cultural ResistanceDo you think the Forbidden City and all it represented prevented European influence on Chinese culture? Explain your response.

Each question needs to be 150 words, each discussion question should have at least two references(can input more if need be).
APA formatting and use subtitles in the work for readability
NB:Quality and good grammar are essential.

submit as separate word documents……………………..answer preview………………

To overcome the cultural beliefs of the natives, the European conquerors had to do away with their cultures. This can be exhibited through the burying of Coatlicue statute in so that

The Mexican Indians could not worship it. This stems from the fact that they wanted to introduce their own culture, including……………..


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