Discuss your own philosophy of aging. When do you think a person becomes elderly? What do you think.

Discuss your own philosophy of aging. When do you think a person becomes elderly? What do you think of older people? Are they active, senile, debilitated, etc.? Give a description of an elderly person that you know.

Older adulthood is an identity that carries significant stigma, and individuals become increasingly closer to assuming this stigmatized identity as they age. When people become older adults, they could view themselves as becoming part of a group to which they have held negative attitudes toward their whole life (Chopik, Bremner, Johnson & Giasson ,2018). I have seen myself doing the same thing, identify myself as old and try to act like it as the society defines it. However, I really think aging is how we perceive it to be.

I have my parents for instance, going on 78 and 88 years of age, I find them aging gracefully, embracing their age transitiord with their life. It always amazes my friends and other family members  to see how active my elderly parents  are.  My mom loves to cook ,therefore cooking everyday keep her going. My dad on the other hand who survived stroke twice, that left him with hearing deficit is continuously striving to stay active, he is on top of his health-related decision, checking his blood pressure every day, he is always reading ,nurturing his mind. Overall, my parents make me believe that age is just a number, someone could be of old age but still be young at heart. Becoming elderly I believe is when one is no longer able to function physically and cognitively  while aging . Older people are wise people to be around with all the life experiences they have to share.

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