Discuss the logistics

Read this Memo with the details of the situation regarding the analysis of Hooker Furniture’s extended supply chain: ASSIGNMENT-1-ElephantConsultants.docx

Here are some additional documents that you should find helpful:

Hooker Furniture Relevant Information.docx My assistant put this doc together, based on info from the 10k report. It provides the relevant info that you should find useful regarding the domestic operations.

Hooker-10K-2018.pdf This is the complete 10k report. Perhaps some additional useful info.

Hooker-2018 AnnualReport.PDF This is the latest Annual Report – maybe some additional useful infoYour deliverable:a report that?

Write a report on the following:

  • identifies the businesses in Hooker?s extended supply chain ? a diagram would be very helpful
  • identifies possible issues and challenges that might occur that could disrupt the supply chain process.
  • Discuss how the Bullwhip effect might be present in the supply chain
  • Discuss the logistics involved in each step of moving the materials through the supply chain and how it can be used to bring utility to the consumer for this product.
  • NOTE: if you use any resources or references for information in the report, we expect that you use APA format for citations and reference listings.

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