Digital marketing question

Please give your feed back on the following (85 words minimum for both questions):

1- An Introduction to Optimizing for Other Search Engines

After you have optimized your website for Google, you can sit back and catch your breath for a short time; however, you can also begin the process to drive even more traffic to your website using methods to optimize for image search, shopping search, and more. Many websites specialize in organizing very specific types of websites rather than trying to index the entire Internet. Getting your site exposure on these more targeted search engines can result in extra traffic, or it can allow you to target a niche that may be too competitive to rank for in the major search engines. The incremental traffic gained by optimizing for search engines outside of Google will allow you to stand out from the competition.

Specialty search engines cater to specific users by indexing only content within a specific area or niche. For example, some of the most useful specialty search engines allow web users to search blogs, images, auction sites, social bookmarks, or classified ads. Although you can use Google to search for practically any kind of information, using specialty search engines allows you to minimize nonrelevant search results, as well as become part of the community that is typically associated with niche engines. People who use search engines such as Technorati, eBay, and tend to use the engines not only to search for information but also to submit their own blogs or products. (85 words minimum)

2- Can you think of a small (local) business you frequent that can benefit by having a social presence? If so, what would you suggest / recommend for them? (100 words minimum)

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