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Design and Evaluation of Institutional Intelligence Capacity
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Assessment Task 2: Design and Evalu-ation of Institutional Intelligence Ca-pacity
Course code and name: INTE1040 Business Intelligence
Assessment name: Assessment Task 2: Design and Evaluation of Institutional Intelligence Capacity Weight: 35% Assignment due date: Friday 26, January, 2018 11:59 pm AEDT
Length: 4,500 (+-100) words excluding reference list, tables, cover sheet.
Feedback mode: Written report that I will email to your student account. Assessment Declaration:
I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration
Submission requirements:
You report must submitted to Turnitin and receive a satisfactory evaluation before this assessment task will be graded.
File formatting and presentation requirements for this submission are the same as for assignment 1.
Learning Objectives Assessed:
This assignment assesses the Learning Objectives identified the course guide.
#1. Appraise and apply evidence practice (EBP) to formulate effective solutions to deal with contemporary performance problems and issues associated with the

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