Describe an experiment or research conducted on this aspect, and explain how the findings of this…

Individual in Society
Reflection 2 (Learning Journal)
Assessment Instructions
The learning journal should be based on tutorial topics from weeks 4–8: self and identity, attitudes and attitude change, prejudice and discrimination, conformity and obedience, attraction and close relationships. It should be 2000 words in total.
The objectives of the journal are:
• reflection on learning about social psychology theories and their every-day applications, and
• to learn to write concise, scholarly responses.
In your learning journal you will:
• describe your responses to the materials, theories, concepts, evidence and learning activities for the topics you have chosen
• draw relevant examples from work, family or personal life, and
• incorporate readings prescribed for the topics you have chosen, including the textbook.
Your learning journal will follow a prescribed format. This section provides the details needed to complete this assessment task.
To complete your learning journal, you will need to:
• attend and participate in tutorials
• prepare for tutorials through completion of the tutorial exercises (available on vUWS), and
• have read the relevant readings and sections of the textbook.
NOTE: This is a template, meaning it includes all prescribed headings and some helpful tips on how to answer each aspect of the task. All instructions should, however, be deleted before submission. The instructions are provided in square brackets (i.e. [ ]).
Reflection (250 words maximum – 10%)
Under this heading you will summarise the feedback you got on Reflection 1 and say how you applied it to Reflection 2.
This is an opportunity to reflect on what you learned from writing Learning Journal 1 and how you have used in writing Learning Journal 2. This is not about the content of these learning journals. It is about how you have developed your academic writing skills through the semester.
Reflective Learning Journal Entry 1: [Self and identity or attitudes and attitude change]
1. Choose an aspect of the topic and explain why it has interested you the most.
[Here you need to clearly identify the aspect you have selected (e.g. ‘self-presentation’) and why you selected this topic. Note: your reason should represent a learning challenge and/or a personal connection].
2. Describe an experiment or research conducted on this aspect, and explain how the findings of this experiment or research relate to the broader topic.
[Using your textbook, identify and describe an experiment/research relevant to the aspect you have chosen. Remember to reference the textbook using the WSU Harvard style guide].
3. Provide a short quote (maximum 30 words) from the text or reading which illustrates an important point related to this aspect (make sure you use correct Harvard referencing; insert page numbers for quotes).
[Using your textbook, identify a short quote that relates to the aspect chosen. This needs to be integrated into a sentence and correctly referenced using the WSU Harvard style guide – and don’t forget to provide a page number!].
4. Identify how this aspect has helped you understand either an experience from your social world or a recent global event. (Using academic sources, link this experience/event back to theory)
[Describe a clear example of this aspect and make sure to connect it to the aspect you have selected. In this section you should be demonstrating your ability to understand the aspect and use it to understand behaviour].

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