Define the research topic and the key concepts in the topic. Write a review which presents… 1 answer below »

Question: Pick one of the topics from the topic list and follow the instruction:
? Define the research topic and the key concepts in the topic. Write a review which presents relevant literature (research, theory and commentary) about the topic, making sure you point out the gaps in the literature (i.e. what is missing? What is not known about this topic? What questions do you have about the topic after reading the literature?).
? The review should critically examine the literature by looking at the conceptual development and interpretation of the topic/problem area, and the theoretical explanations authors have used to understand the topic.
? Your review should also discuss and assess any existing research about the topic (or related to the topic if there is none on the specific topic).What does this existing research tell you about the topic? What were the results and methods used in the existing research?
? Your review should conclude (in the conclusion of the assignment) with a statement (researched question) about what further research is needed on this topic. For example what is that one question (researched question) about the topic that has not been researched much? and you would further research about.
Topic List: Choose one topic from the topic list to do a literature review:
I. What are the main causes of anxiety OR depression in young people?
II. What do Australians think of the idea of a universal basic income?
III. How can we reduce racism in Australia (or another location)?
IV. How can we reduce sexism in Australia (or another location)?
V. What supports do careers need to help them in their caring roles?
VI. How can rates of recidivism in youth detention OR adult detention be reduced?

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