Data Communications and Project Planning

INSTRUCTOR ALSO ADDED ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: First- be sure you are focused on the project you picked last week. This builds all through the course.

Make a paper with your recommendation for communication and also state your project management methodology and why you are going to use it.

Be specific – not generic.

Make the budget and be sure to include what they listed in the assignment.


I want you to embed the spreadsheet into the Word doc so there is only one file for me to open. You can look up how to embed – it will be good for you!

Use THREE (3) (not 2 or 1 or 4) peer reviewed references and make the paper APA formatted.

Follow what I added here and you will get full points.


Analyze IT data communications techniques and business processes that can be applied to your project based on this week’s readings (Essentials of MIS, Chs. 3 and 7).

Create a Microsoft® Word analysis of no more than 700 words that includes the following:

  • Outline which type of data communications you recommend are needed for your project.
  • Describe which type of project planning methodology you would recommend for your project.

Create a proposed budget for your project in a Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet based on the recommendations in the readings. Include estimated costs for the required activities including project development and implementation, customer support, and any other element you believe should be included in your project budget. Please view the® Excel video “2013 Essential Training,” and read Essentials of MIS, Ch. 3.

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed references from the University of Phoenix Library.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your two assignment files (one Microsoft® Word document, one Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet).

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