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the reading for question #2 is attached


1) The battle between cyber criminals and law enforcement (and information security professionals) the world over is a constant tug-of-war.  From most perspectives, law enforcement and INFOSEC personnel are at a significant disadvantage, but occasionally we find ourselves ahead of the curve, having developed a new countermeasure or technique for prevention, detection, or investigation.  When such an innovation is developed, should it be widely publicized and shared with others, or is the risk of informing the “bad guys” and allowing them to adapt or evolve their tools and techniques in response too great?  How should we balance the need to collaborate and cooperate for the benefit of all with the need to maintain maximum advantage (if however slight) over our cybercrime adversaries? Discuss thoroughly.


2) On page 12 of “Understanding cybercrime: Phenomena, challenges and legal response,” section 2.3 provided some discussion about the development of computer and cybercrime in recent history.  After reading that section, which decade do you think was the most significant in the development of cybercrime and the cybercriminals we are dealing with today, and why? Discuss thoroughly

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