Current and Emerging Technologies (Topic: Robotics) {No Plagiarism}

Paper Topic: Robotics

Outline Paper:


  • Include the topics that will be covered.
  • Include the list of identified references.
  • APA format
  • Required 2 pages (no Plagiarism)
  • I need out line document with in 5 hours.

Research Paper:


  • Select a company that is leveraging the emerging technology that was selected.
  • Provide a background of the company.
  • Describe how the emerging technology has provided the company with a competitive advantage.
  • Discuss the challenges of implementing and maintaining the technology.
  • Examine how the technology will evolve in the next 5 years.
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • References (at least 10 reputable sources)
  • Appendices (if any)
  • APA Format
  • Required minimum 8 pages (no Plagiarism)



  • Provide an overview of the company and emerging technology.
  • Discuss the competitive advantage of using the technology.
  • Discuss the challenges encountered implementing and maintaining the technology.
  • Describe the future of the technology.
  • Include at least three lessons learned from this team project.
  • Required minimum 20 slides should include notes

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