cultural anthropology essay

Choose one question to answer

  1. How can cultural anthropology contribute to a better understanding of the way ?race? is conceptualized?What questions can an anthropologist, interested in studying race as a cultural concept, pose??

  1. Do the benefits of globalization outweigh the harms?? Should modernization be abandoned to protect cultures (e.g. Lapps/Saami with snowmobiles!!)?? How can local knowledge be preserved while allowing transnational corporations to set up manufacturing plants in various countries around the world?

  1. Is the ?American dream? still possible? Consider class, gender, and race issues here. Was the ?dream? an illusion set up by Western European descendants to achieve or is it a real possibility for all member of the United States??

In all your answers, please cite your sources of information and add a bibliography at the end that cites the entire source, date of publication, author, and place of publication.

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