Critical Job Analysi

Multiple Approaches to Job Analysis

As a potential personnel consultant you have to decide the appropriate approach for a job analysis based upon the desired results. You now may realize there are many approaches to job analysis, which can be either inductive or deductive, and each job analysis may vary significantly from others based on the type of job or organization. As you may recall from last week, deductive approaches use existing knowledge and taxonomies for job analyses, whereas inductive approaches collect new information to conduct analyses (Peterson & Jeanneret, 2007).

One of the approaches that you explore this week is a critical incident job analysis, which is an inductive approach. Personnel consultants use critical incident job analyses to identify effective and ineffective work behaviors in various work functions. The critical incident job analysis includes a description of the setting leading up to the incident, the incumbent?s behavior during the incident, and the result of the incumbent?s behavior.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources for this week and think about the deductive approaches that you explored last week. Reflect on the definition of a critical incident job analysis, and consider advantages and disadvantages to using inductive and deductive approaches to job analysis.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 an explanation of two advantages and two disadvantages of a critical incident job analysis, task survey, or other inductive approach compared to the PAQ (Position Analysis Questionnaire), O*NET surveys, or other deductive approach. Then, describe whether you might use an inductive or deductive approach to analyze the personality requirements of the job. Finally, describe one circumstance in which an inductive approach is most appropriate and one circumstance in which a deductive approach is most appropriate. Explain why and support your response with the referenced resources.

Your post should be three paragraphs in APA format. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to posted resources.

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