Critical analysis of “Crime in American Society”

The chapter to write on is attached. You will complete a critical analysis and
reflection. This written exercise must be in APA style and format, a minimum of
600 words in length excluding the abstract. When writing your papers, think in
terms of providing a critical overview of the reading, identifying and highlighting
the significant facts revealed, and closing with your own well-reasoned and
informed scholarly deduced conclusion(s). Keep in mind the required 500 words
without the Abstract is the minimum requirement for average performance
relative to the wording volume. Refer to the Syllabus for more detailed
instructions. Each week, the students are required to complete a Weekly Written
Exercise. Exercise consists of a critical analysis of any one of the Module?s
required reading. You are required to complete all assigned readings but you
may select and address one Chapter in your written exercise. Each weekly
critique must be full APA style and format, a minimum of 600 words in length
EXCLUDING the cover, abstract, and references pages. When writing your weekly
papers, you should think in terms of discussing the critical overview, significant
facts, and closing with a well-reasoned and informed conclusion. A sample APA
paper can be found at:…
All Written Exercises are due on the Sunday of respective modules by 11:59 PM
EST/EDT via the course Assignment box. (The Assignment box is linked to

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