Criminal Justice Responses

1) watch the video ( are the three ways that different jurisdictions choose judges? Which do you think is most fair or helps put the most unbiased judges on the bench? (Make sure you watch the video before answering this question.) 8 sentences min

2) Write a helpful response to the students paragraph, stating how you agree and why followed by your opinion on the topic. keep it positive! 5 Sentences Min

Students Paragraph: The 3 ways that jurisdictions choose judges are partisan election, non partisan election and merit selection plans. Partisan election is when the candidates are separated by their political party and thus listed as so on the ballet. Non partisan elections is when the elections take place without reference of political parties. Merit selection plans is when a position opens up and a team of lawyers and non lawyers choose candidates which then present 3 candidates to the governor who appoints the new judge. I believe the most fair is the non partisan elections because the people choose who they want and a judge without affiliation of political parties. The judicial branch is separate and it’s purpose is to put the facts and law before anything else. Therefore that would be the best option, the only issue might be money. Some candidates might not win because of lack of money to finance their campaigns and a worse candidate might end up taking the seat. That option would still be the best to put the most unbiased judge if the people choose right.

3) Watch the video (… ) After watching the two videos about the Ohio judge who gives very creative sentences, answer the following questions:

Why do you think the judge decided to create some new and different sentences?

What types of crimes, in the judge’s opinion, sometimes warrant creative sentences? Are these defendants murderers and rapists?

Are the sentences fair? Why or why not?

Choose a sentence given by this judge that you believe would be the most effective and tell us why.

Can you think of any creative sentences for a low-level crime? 8 Sentences min

4) Write a helpful response to the students paragraph, stating how you agree and why followed by your opinion on the topic. keep it positive! 5 Sentences Min

Students Paragraph: I think the judge decided to create something new and different, so that the defendant can learn from their mistake and not to do it again. The defendants are not murders or rapists, the crimes are more like petty theft, simple assault, trespassing, drunk driving, vandalism, etc. Those are the crimes that the defendant are committing and that when he warrants creative sentencing. In my opinion the sentencing are fair, because otherwise they will be getting jail time and they would keep doing that crime. I think one of the sentences given by the judge that I believe would be most effective is the one with the school bus. The other day I was driving and he had the stop sign one and I don’t know who was driving but didn’t care and kept going. I think if they did what the judge does they will be more aware of the school bus and specially the kids. I think a creative sentence for a low-level crime is to volunteer or have them do something related to the crime they committed like the judge does. Like if they stoled from a person or store to have them help and work around the store. If they hurt an animal make them volunteer at a dog shelter and have them clean them. Something like that.

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