Cricket (Batting): Cover Drive This part of your assignment is to assess your ability to apply your

Cricket (Batting): Cover Drive
This part of your assignment is to assess your ability to apply your knowledge of motor
learning and control to develop a teaching plan over a series of sessions for a novel
skill in a PE setting for a self-selected age-group. You will need to use your knowledge
of what you have learnt over the initial 6 weeks to help inform your teaching plan of
how you will teach this skill over a series of sessions (minimum of 4) ? remember you
will need to make this realistic. For instance, you will need to provide a rationale for
the tasks you implement in your plan, using theories of motor control and learning and
research as well as the types of practice you will use and why.
It is important to note that you may also be teaching your pupils a range of different
skills and techniques alongside the chosen skill over the series of sessions which you
might need to briefly outline in your plan. Though, the assignment should centrally
focus on the development and learning of one particular chosen skill, learning other
skills may be used to assist the learning process. Therefore, you should explain how
this may help in the learning of the chosen skill.
You may also consider what you will do in terms of your instructions and actions to
help facilitate pupils learning during the sessions? Such as, types of feedback and use
of demonstrations. You will then need to outline what transfer and retention tests you
may use as well as indicate how you will measure / assess for motor learning and
performance. Following the development of your teaching plan, you will then need to
provide some expected findings of motor learning across your series of sessions as
well as provide a rationale behind your expected findings. You should divide your plan
into the following subsections:
a) Introduction (approx. 150 words):
In this section you would need to provide a description of the skill you will teach
(including the type of skill and its potential complexity) and the target-group selected
and why, as well as the setting of your teaching (e.g., PE class, youth coaching at a
sports club.
Outline (approx. 400 words):
Provide an outline of the series of sessions for teaching a novel motor skill in PE. In
the section you might like to explain why you may focus on certain types/ conditions
of practice at different times. How and when you will check/ assess for motor
learning and why. What are the other skills that the pupils may be learning alongside
the chosen skill and why have you chosen to teach these skills? Can this help pupils
to learn the chosen skill? Use literature to support your rationale for your sessions
and methods to assess learning.
Include a diagram or table presenting the general outline briefly stating what tasks
and skills the pupils will engage in during each session. You will also need to state
where you aim to assess for learning.
c) Detailed session analysis (approx. 300 words):
In this section provide some more detail about one session. What will you do as a
teacher during this session and why? What will be the conditions of practice and
why? Would you provide demonstrations of the skills? What types of feedback may
you use? What instructions may you provide for your pupils? Why are these used at
this stage of the teaching schedule? Provide justifications using literature why you
make specific decisions to these sorts of questions. You may provide more details
about the other skills taught alongside the chosen skill and how you may facilitate
learning as well as the timing of each task and assessments for motor learning.
d) Expected results (approx. 200 words):
In this section you will need to provide a Graph or Table about what you may expect
to find in relation to pupil?s learning based on your assessments. Provide an
explanation for why you would expect these results based on theory and research
literature to support your arguments.
e) Conclusion and future work (approx. 150 words):
Finally summarise your teaching plan in a few sentences including how this may
facilitate learning. Also, briefly indicate any further considerations how you may
continually check for more advanced learning in future.
Reference List and Appendices
The reference section should include the articles or books that you have cited in
your teaching plans. This should be a separate reference list to that of the Lab
Report. Refer to the Harvard Referencing System for guidelines on reference
sections. These can be found in ?Quote, Unquote? through the Leeds Met
website. You will lose credit if references are not completed or accurate.
The Teaching Plan should be 1.5 spaced and written in Harvard Style.and should not
exceed 1,200 words excluding Tables, Figures, Appendices & Reference List. This
assignment is a teaching plan (i.e., what you propose to do) so should be written in future tense and written in third person.

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