Creative Leadership Questions

1. Imagine yourself as the team leader (you have ultimate responsibility for the team), and the gang invites you to join them for an after-hours drink at a bar. From the standpoint of enhancing teamwork, explain whether joining the team would be effective. Is there a reason you would not attend?

2. How can a manager establish and maintain trust thorough the use of communication technology?

3. So far, we have studied considerable information about the nature of leadership, the attributes, behaviors and styles of leaders; the ethics and social responsibility of leaders and how leaders exert power and use politics and influence (both positively and negatively). In an essay, discuss the following questions. Feel free to answer them separately or incorporate the various questions into your paper.

  • Why do some leaders put ethics and social responsibility 2nd to making a profit?
  • In a team environment, should team members challenge the leader (whistle blow) if they feel an action is not ethical?
  • What are the challenges of serving on a team? What obligation does the leader of an organization have for their team members?
  • In order for a team to be effective and successful what characteristics does the leader have to possess? Should the leader believe in ?utilitarianism?- the greatest good for the greatest number?
  • Is there a role for independent-thinking, decisive, and creative leaders in a team-based organization (a private business and the military)?

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