Creating a PowerPoint Presentation on Negotiating Job Offers

Job Offers Presentation

Creating a PowerPoint to understand how to evaluate and negotiate a job offer.

PowerPoint should be as long as required to deliver the information below thoroughly. Please include a cover page.

*Use the reading materials attached to complete this.*

(Need access to – Negotiating Your Job Offer) If you don’t have access to, the transcript for that video is attached.

1.Identify and define the steps should you take before you get offered a job?

2.What the common terms and factors found in a job offer and how do you evaluate them?

3.What are the most negotiable aspects of a job offer? discuss

4.Why are some people reluctant to negotiate salary and benefits?

5.What are the five steps to a successful negotiation? Provide a summary of each in your words.

6.When should you discuss money and when should you not discuss money? Explain each scenario independently.

7.Once you have been offered a position provide us with a summary of key tips for negotiating the best offer possible.

8.When and how should we counter offer?

9.What are the most important points you have learned about negotiation?

10.What are your three keys to negotiation?

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