Create an OUTLINE for an essay of approximately 1000 words in response to the instructions below.

Choose ONE of the prompts below OR develop your own topic using a Psychological or Gender lens. Please limit your discussion to just one of the short stories.

1) Discuss how an external conflict in the story can be interpreted as a symbol or manifestation of an internal conflict.

2) Discuss how the setting of the story can be interpreted within a Psychological or Gender lens. In other words, how does the setting contribute to our reading of the text through one of those lenses?

3) Consider the story within the historical framework of its date of publication. Within that context, how does the story reveal or subvert gender norms or gender stereotypes of its day?

4) You may use the midterm prompt: How does the story illustrate Freud?s concept of the conflict between Eros and Thanatos? How is the conflict resolved in the story?

5) You may develop your own prompt.

Your outline should include

* An explicit, argumentative thesis statement

* Supporting claims (topic sentences) to develop the thesis and guide your body paragraphs

* Specific textual evidence you will use in each body paragraph

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