CPT Coding Discussion- Choose and Code a Procedure, health and medicine homework help

CPT 2017 Coding Book

please research a procedure in one of Surgery sections we are studying–Digestive, Urinary, Genital, Pregnancy, Nervous, Eye or Ears. You may use any source you deem reliable, but you will need to give the source in your post.

  1. For your initial post, summarize the treatment you chose in at least a full paragraph. Be sure to include why the procedure is done, as well as how the procedure is completed. Please remember to include the source of your information.
  2. Then, respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts with the code you would chose for their procedure. Include any special notes or instructions– such as Code Also, Add-On Codes, Modifier Exempt, etc. You may need to visit the source in the original post.

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