counseling 120 week 3

Week 3 Instructions

Below are the activities due this week. As a reminder, all weekly activities are due Sunday night by 11:55 pm!

Chapter Three – Career Awareness

  • CollegeScope Chapter 3
    • Journals Chapter 3 = 10 pts
    • Quiz Chapter 3 = 10 pts
  • Discussion 3 – Preparing for your Education = 10 pts
  • Start your Educational Plan and Goal Statement due next week
  • Total Points for Week 3 – 30 Points

Next week your Educational Plans are due. I want to remind you to make an appointment with a counselor to complete your plan NOW so that you will have this assignment done on time. You can make that appointment with me or with another counselor. There is also the ONLINE counselor at: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

To make an appointment with me or another career counselor, call 619-660-4436 (highly recommended).

To make an appointment with a general Counselor, call 619-660-4547.

If you have already done an educational plan, you do not need to meet with a counselor. If you attend another college, you can make your appointment with a counselor at that college. You have plenty of options to upload your plan and goal statement – Take a photo, upload a PDF, Word doc, and more. In the discussion this week, I will start preparing you to complete your Educational plan for next week.

Have a great week!

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