Composition I

English Comp. Unit 5

Punctuation Practice:

Correct the punctuation with periods and question marks where needed. Also, correct any initials or abbreviations as needed. Note what was corrected.

  1. Music is the universal language At least that’s what people say But have you ever noticed how hard it is to get people to agree on music Play a song by BB King, and some people will be in heaven and others in dread Why would that be Dr Jim Fredericks indicates that the reason may be music’s power to reach to our very hearts ” Music is intensely personal, and the type of music that makes one person excited and happy may make another person very uncomfortable” Jill Davis, PhD, disagrees She says music is primarily cultural What does music do except make us feel ” at home” or feel like a stranger When music alienates us, we dislike it, but when it makes us feel welcome, we like it So, what music makes you feel at home

Capitalization Practice

Rewrite each sentence, correcting any incorrectly capitalized or lowercased words. Note what was corrected.

  1. Vice president Joe Biden will speak in topeka, Kansas, on thursday.
  2. What Jarrod meant to say is this: the dallas cowboys have enough talent to win the Super bowl.
  3. The beautiful double rainbow in Yellowstone national park seemed like an act of god.
  4. Does starbucks have a wireless internet connection?
  5. The vehicle in question was driving North along interstate 55 before making a uturn.
  6. are you taking introduction to mass communication 101 with professor Williams next semester?
  7. I’m going to the south to visit my brother in the peach state.
  8. A story in the San Francisco chronicle quoted the Secretary of Agriculture saying, “we are concerned with the development of our farmland.”
  9. Shoot me an email if you want to go with me to the civil war reenactment.
  10. The french restaurant serves an amazing aged Cheese platter.

Run-on Sentences Quiz Review

– Rewrite the following sentences, making corrections so that they are not run-on sentences. Note what was corrected.

1. We have several reasons they are all good ones.

2. I am repairing the motorcycle myself it’s not easy.

3. Winter is my favorite season the cold weather makes me feel alive.

4. Those peaches are delicious they just arrived from Farmington.

5. Using price tags doesn’t; make sense yard sale shoppers know what they are willing to pay and will tell you.

6. That’s a great movie it’s a favorite of mine.

7. The house is very bright inside there are many windows.

8. All over the country parents are rediscovering the benefits of day care centers being with other children and a variety of caregivers is stimulating.

9. Chain bookstores have changed the way books are sold every mall has one, and they all look the same.

10. There are fewer than 1,000 giant pandas in existence some conservationists think we should begin cloning them.

Journal Entry:

Write 3-4 paragraphs that describe how you approached the revisions from your rough draft to final paper. For example, describe in detail the revision choices you made between your first and your final draft. What changes did you make and why? Please focus on the elements of craft that we have discussed in the past 5 weeks.

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