complete table in word file


Indiana Tech Hospital HIM
Department employs 28 individuals across all of its functional units.
The dynamics of the unit are as follows:

  • Ralphis 74 years.He
    is one of only two males in the department. He processes the release of
    information requests for the department. He keeps to himself because he
    feels that the other employees think he is slow and they have nothing in
  • Maggie is 17 years old. She is a recently graduated
    high school. She works part time, various hours and days as she attends
    college. She enjoys social media and posts quite often. She also has a
    best friend who is getting married to his boyfriend this summer and it’s
    all Maggie and Rachel talk about.
  • Rachel is 26 years old. She
    is the daughter of one of the hospital administrators. She is dating
    Michelle, a Unit clerk on the 5th floor. Rachel always requests to do
    the floor runs each shift. She enjoys being able to see Michelle on her
  • Jennifer is a 27 year old single mom. She is always 5-7
    minutes late for work in the morning and spends the first 15 minutes at
    her desk putting on her make-up for the day. When she does finally start
    working she gets a lot done and out performs the others in her
  • Hinda is a 38 year old indian woman. She speaks
    English as a second language and it is very hard for others in the
    department to understand.
  • David is a 54 year old department
    Supervisor who is putting in his time before his retirement in 4 months.
    David is a family man who believes strongly in the beliefs of his
    church and often shares his church doctrine with his employees during
    their annual evaluations.
  • Libby is a 37 year old medical records clerk. She has worked in the department for 17 years. She is deaf.
  • Margaret
    is the department director. She is a 28 year old African American
    female. There are only two African Americans in the department. She has
    only been in her role for 6 months.
  • Julie is the receptionist.
    She is 42 years old and has a Master’s Degree with the RHIA credential.
    She is partially paralyzed and is bound to a wheelchair.

Deliverable #1: In the table below, identify the
potential bias(s) that exist for each employee. Keep in mind some
employees could present multiple potential biases. Include a brief
description of training that could help target that bias.

Employee Name

Potential Bias/Prejudice

What training could help the department and the employee with cultural awareness

Ex. Name

Religious Bias

Training targeted to create an awareness of various religions.










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