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Examples of Introductions and Conclusions

Time to brainstorm! Within the first minute of your speech your audience will be deciding whether to fully listen or not. You have one minute to engage your audience?what do you do? The audience will also most likely remember the beginning of your speech and the ending of your speech more than the middle. Making a strong closing is important as well. What are ways to start your speech strong and also close your speech strong? This is where the brainstorming begins!

Think back to the speeches we?ve analyzed so far, including your own and classmate?s week two speeches. Did any of the speeches have strong introductions? Or thinking back to your own speeches could you have started or closed your speech stronger? Feel free to find tips online and share them with the class! Remember to find scholarly articles, blogs, or videos. If the author/speaker says they?ve learned something from experience that?s advice you can trust.

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