Complete Psychology Rehab Assessment Case Study Discussion

Apply this week’s text to the following scenario related to this week’s case study.

1. Do you believe that at this stage in this man’s recovery, he should be pursuing vocational assessment?
2. How would you prepare this individual for personality assessment, and what measures would you use?


A 26 year-old Hispanic male is seeking rehabilitation services following being burned in a house fire. He received severe burns on his face, arms, hands, and chest. He has limited mobility in his right hand (dominant hand) and arm with facial disfigurements. Prior to the house fire, he worked as an electrician?s assistant with a 2 year post high school certificate in electrical repair. He is having difficulties adjusting to his disfigurement and impaired movement and wants to identify future occupation(s).

Power, W. Paul, (2013). A Guide to vocational Assessment. 5th edition. Austin, TX: Pro-Ed.

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