Complete Annotate Bibliography for Psychology Course


This is not an annotated bibliography as required for this assignment.

Use only PRIMARY sources for all references.

Use full APA format for the references.

Use only PSYCHOLOGY sources for the references.

All assignments have a required format provided in the instructions. Always use this format without making changes.



The Physiological Process of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The study will explore the dynamics of post-traumatic stress disorder. It will seek to investigate how psychological, genetic, physical, and social factors expose individuals to post-traumatic stress disorder. Equally, it will capture how post-traumatic stress disorder alters the body’s reaction to stress and effects on stress hormones and chemicals.


1. Your approved topic from week one. Search for journal articles about your topic in psychology journals. Use only PRIMARY sources. Use only the PSYCHOLOGY databases to do your research.

2. Start reading about how to write Likert scales. See the list of resources provided in the classroom and search for other resources in the library.

Then choose 3 relevant articles about your topic and prepare a summary of each by writing an annotated bibliography.

Go to the Course Materials module for the sample format you must use for the annotated bibliography.

Post your annotated bibliography using the format below.

You MUST use the following format for your post (without numbers) using numerous headings to label and separate each different part of the assignment.

– Introduction: Write a short paragraph describing your topic and its relevance to psychology.

– Write a separate annotated bibliography for each journal article:

(a) First, write the full reference in APA format.

(b) Second, write one paragraph summarizing the main ideas of the article. Use a heading to label this paragraph.

(c) Third, write a separate paragraph explaining how the article will be useful to your project. Use a heading to label this paragraph.

NOTE: Do not use personal pronouns in the Learning Activities (ex. do not write using I, me, my, us, we, our, etc.)

— All assignments must start with a title page in APA format.

— The introduction must explain the TOPIC not the paper, do not mention the paper or its parts.

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