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Describe Phenomenological Inquiry

Phenomenological research is focused on a particular phenomenon or issue that individuals may be involved in, currently addressing, or living with at the current point in their life.

Phenomenological research can be somewhat controversial because information provided by the participants can be misinterpreted. This design uses interpretive description to explain a particular aspect of the world or a phenomenon while acknowledging the complexity of a participant living life within that phenomenon because more than one participant is included in a study.

The method attempts to explain the meaning of an experience shown as it is described in the language of the participant – so because of this quotes from individuals under study are an expected part of this design. The data for this research then becomes a narration, which results in a rich description of the phenomenon that is being studied. The information that is compiled is expressed from a variety of perspectives. This can be difficult to do as we as researchers are asking participants to be introspective and the first person point of view is primary in this type of design. Many critics of this type of methodology believe that introspection and using first person data is notorious for being unscientific (Vermersch, 1999). Some of the techniques of this method include interviewing, focus groups, and writings from participants.

Be sure to review this week's resources carefully. You are expected to apply the information from these resources when you prepare your assignments.


Your task this week is to prepare a chart that compares and contrasts narrative and phenomenological designs.

Your chart must address the following:

Conclude your chart with a summary that focuses on essential features, which would be useful in comparing and contrasting these two methodologies. Finally, using the research topic of interest you submitted in Week 1, discuss whether either of these qualitative designs would be appropriate to use to research that topic.

Length: 1-page chart, 1-2 page summary

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