compare and contrast theories 2 and a half pages of following instructions attached in a word…

compare and contrast theories


2 and a half pages of following instructions attached in a word document. compare and contrast theories

Response Essay 2


Applying Delinquency Theories

Due Feb. 25– Posted to Bb by 9:30 A.M.


Objective:  The purpose of the essay is to demonstrate your understanding of theoretical concepts and to think about how theories apply to the “real word.”


Your task:  Prepare an analytical discussion of two theories that succinctly outlines major themes and arguments of each, then apply those arguments to a case study.


In your essay, you should:

Compare and contrast 2 theories of crime covered in Agnew’s text and/or in class. Be sure to outline the primary concepts and arguments of each theory.

Select a case study. This might be a friend you knew in high school (or have now) or a sibling.  You should know enough about the person’s biography and involvement (or not) in delinquent activities.  Discuss how each theory might explain this person’s involvement (or not) in delinquency.

Based on your case study, which of these theories provides the best explanation of delinquency? Why?


Other advice:

It makes the most sense to compare across analytical levels (e.g., social learning vs. labeling, both micro-level theories).

I expect well-constructed and thorough essays.

Please be sure to follow all written work directions as posted on Blackboard.

There is no page requirement, but at a minimum I would expect 3 pages.

When uploading, please attach you file as a Word or PDF document. Do not type your essay directly into the contents box.


Grading for Essays:

A+ (20 pts.) = Meets requirements for an A and demonstrates unusually sophisticated understanding and insight.

A (18 pts.) = Main ideas from the theory/theories are described correctly, and the discussion is accurate, appropriate, and thoroughly explained and illustrated.

B (16 pts.) = Basic understanding of the material shown through an accurate description and appropriate discussion

C (14 pts.) = Some appropriate discussion, but limited understanding of the material exhibited (i.e., inaccurate description of point and/or inappropriate discussion).

D (12 pts.) = Limited summary of the article and/or limited discussion.

F (10 pts. or fewer) = Either no summary of the theory/theories or no discussion is evident.  Failed to meet requirements of assignment.




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