Comparative Religious Approaches

The origins of Judaism and Hinduism are almost 4,000
years old. Buddhism arose from the teachings of a single Hindu teacher
more than two thousand years ago. All three have changed and developed
over the centuries. All three are very much alive today.

Concentrating on their current forms, compare the approaches of the three religions to the basic religious questions:

  • How should I think about ultimate reality (Hinduism)? Is there a
    Supreme Being (Judaism)? Should I even think of god, letting myself be
    my supreme authority (Buddhism)?
  • What is the relationship of human beings to this reality (God)?
  • What exactly is the concept of faith to each of these three
    religions? Is it the same as belief, or not? Consider all three
    religions and compare.
  • How do these concepts of the Ultimate Reality, Supreme Being or self
    help address the following questions: What is wrong with the world, and
    how can I help to fix it? What am I supposed to do with my life?

Consider the three religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism. In an
essay of approximately 700 to 800 words in length, answer the questions
listed above. Be sure to use appropriate APA format for citations and to
include at least one reference for each religion.

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