choose a topic in criminal justice/criminology that interests you For the final paper, please choose

choose a topic in criminal justice/criminology that interests you

For the final paper, please choose a topic in /criminology that interests you.  Please ensure the topic you choose is related to crime, the criminal justice system, or the impact on society.  Please follow a standard research paper format with an introduction, a thesis statement, an explanation of your topic and its importance, a conclusion and works cited (reference) page.

Papers should be 5-6 pages in 12 pt. Times New Roman font and double spaced.  You must use APA format for citing your paper and your reference page.  You do not need to include an abstract.

In addition to your text books, please try to use at least 3 additional scholarly sources either in the form of textbooks or peer reviewed scholarly journal articles. This means you should have at least four academic sources. If you would like to discuss this paper at any time please e-mail me, come to my office hours, or make an appointment with me.

If you would like a draft revised prior to submitting your final paper, please send me it at least TWO weeks prior to the final due date of the paper.  I am happy to look at any of your work prior to the due date.


Grading Rubric for Final Paper


1) Formatting

/20 points

Correct style: Times New Roman font, 12 font, one inch margins, double-spaced, no spaces between paragraphs, and APA formatting for headings, subheadings, and in-text citations

Title page:Page minimum

Basic grammar and spelling used

2) Introduction/Topic Identified

/10 points

Title centered with Introduction heading

Introduced the topic: a summary of what you are going to discuss in the paper

Discussed why this topic is important

Arguments were supported with references

Included a thesis sentence at the end of intro

3) Explanation of Topic

/20 points

Explained and defined major topic

4) Why this topic is relevant or important

/20 points

Clearly identified why this topic is important or how it is relevant to CRJS

Identified Supporting research/ Identified examples

7) Conclusion

/10 points

Conclusion is at least one full paragraph with multiple sentences

Discussed important components of the argument

Provided a concluding sentence that concisely summarized the argument

8) References in APA format (5 points per bullet)

/20 points

EVERY in-text citation is included

Every referenced article is in paper

Included only reliable sources

Included at least 3 scholastic sources

Followed a proper stylesheet (APA)

Final Grade:


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