Child Activity Matrix English Learner Student Directions: After studying the pdf file that describes

Child Activity Matrix English Learner Student

Directions:  After studying the pdf file that describes modifying teaching strategies for children with disabilities, please complete this form below to indicate how you would modify instruction for two children.   Please use at least two of the eight intervention strategies that you learned from your review of the materials.

Child Activity Matrix (2 examples) (5% each)
The assignment description reads: 
‘Using the matrix as developed by Sandall and Schwartz (2008), prepare two examples of a typical schedule and choices for: individual child instructional strategies, embedded learning opportunities and curriculum modifications or adaptations. One matrix must be for the profile child with disabilities and one must be for the English Language Learner. You must complete the matrix fully’.
Please do the following: 
Review this pdf about inclusive practices. It discussing how to make modifications in our classrooms to ensure the success of all children. This PowerPoint was prepared by Julie Ashmun, M.Ed., BCBA.
You will see in this presentation that Julie talks about steps to take when modifying instruction. She discusses the importance of a well-organized environment that is emotionally supportive of children, offers appropriate instructional interactions, curriculum modifications and adaptations, embedded learning and then child-specific instructional strategies. These levels of support are described in detail and they are what we were going to discuss together in class. You should review this PowerPoint enough to feel that you have a good understanding of what it is that you need to do to modify instruction for children in your classrooms that have special needs. 
Once you feel that you have a good understanding of this model, please complete the child activity matrix and then upload it to blackboard under the assignments tab 

Child Name Activity



 Reading activities that involve that students move from one activity to the other one, participate in different grouping activities, such as answering questions related to the read material, researching vocabulary words, answering questions and participating in class discussions.



Fractions lesson, require students to participate on multisensory activities that will help them acquire knowledge related to math concepts and related vocabulary. 



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