Chapter 15 of Technical Communication Today, writing assignment help

The Writing in Action portfolio is the culminating document for Part II of this semester. The portfolio will consist of three documents:

1. Final Proposal

2. About Me Bio (revised)

3. Resume (revised)

The Proposal

This document draws from the planning outline and annotated bibliography to argue for a (re)solution to a specific issue, problem, or opportunity.

  • Begin framing the issue/problem/opportunity in the introduction, following the six moves outlined in Chapter 15 of Technical Communication Today.
  • In the body of the document, you’ll want to include: 1) the current situation, 2) project plan–a step-by-step plan for resolving the problem/issue/opportunity 3) qualifications 4) costs and benefits–not necessarily monetary. Draw from your sources, when appropriate to support claims and/or frame your project.
  • Conclude the proposal following the five moves outlined in Chapter 15.

The proposal should also adhere to the following criteria:

  • Be between 1250-1500 words
  • Written as concisely as possible
  • Addresses the primary reader-users you identified in the reader-centered analysis chart
  • Include at least two images, charts, maps, graphs, etc.
  • Adhere to document design principles: i.e. contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity
  • Utilize headings, subheadings, and other organizational elements (i.e. bullet points)
  • Written in single-space, 12-pt. font
  • Free of surface-level errors (such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar)
  • Include a cover page, table of contents, and works-cited page (these documents are not included in the word count)

*A note on images: please only use images to which you have copyright permission to use. Use public domain images or take/create your own. Using copyright-protected material without permission will negatively impact your grade.

The About Me Bio

Following my feedback and feedback from your classmates, revise your bio. The About Me Bio should adhere to the following:

  • Describe your professional identity in 250-300 words
  • Make 3-5 claims about your professional ability
  • Support the above claims with detailed examples and/or anecdotes
  • Free of surface-level errors (such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar)

The Resume

Following my feedback and feedback from your classmates, revise your resume. The Resume should adhere to the following:

  • Include a header with your name and contact info
  • Organized in a recognized order (reverse-chronological or functional, for example)
  • Follow document design principles (*no templates!)
  • Utilizes action verbs–highlighting accomplishments or achievements
  • Free of surface-level errors (such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar)

The Final Writing in Action Portfolio is due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 17, 2016, as one PDF. The documents should be organized in the following order:

1. Portfolio Cover Page (Name, Date, Course)

2. Writing in Action Statement (foregrounds the Writing in Action portfolio, especially focusing on how writing is being used to solve the issue/problem/opportunity in about 75-100 words.)

3. Portfolio Table of Contents with page numbers

4. Proposal Cover Page

5. Proposal

6. Proposal Works-Cited Page

7. About Me Bio

8. Resume

9. Optional: Appendices

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