CAUSES OF AIR POLLUTION IN QATAR I need to write an outline about my research project. the outline..


I need to write an outline about my research project. the outline must contain the following:

-thesis statement

-an introduction

-body paragraph (1): (background on the issues)

-body paragraph (2): (discussing the problem in details)

-body paragraph (3): (possible solution)

-a conclusion.

I’m gonna upload my research proposal that you gonna use it to make the outline.

I’m gonna upload a simple outline to know exactly the specific order that we gonna use.

-MLA style

-(please use only the given sources that its in the bibliography.)

-use the sources that you will find in the Bibliography file.

please follow the giving instructions, and please don’t use any outer sources. you will find all the sources needed to be used in the bibliography attached

Answer preview…………. Thesis statement: An evaluation of the causes and effects of air pollution in Qatar shows that the country needs to implement solutions that would improve the air quality to support its diversification agenda and help the economy


Qatar’s income per capita and quality of life are one of the highest in the world due to its small population and proper management of the wealth from its natural resources.

However, the climatic conditions and geography of the country meant that the cost of sustaining this goal would be environmental degradation (. Lanouar, Afnan, and Khloud………

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