Case Study Analysis: Individual Report Schedule

Brief summary of what needs to be done: (1500 words) +/- 10% – textbook chapter included in files (case study 1 or 2 at end of chapter )

A case study is an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and includes the complexities you would encounter in the workplace. Case studies are used to help you see how the complexities of real life influence decisions. Analysing a case study requires you to practice applying your knowledge and your thinking skills to a real-life situation. To learn from a case study analysis, you will need to analyse information, apply knowledge, reason and draw conclusions


Summarise the main issues identified in the case study that is relevant to the topic.

(150 words)


Describe the advantages and explains how they are relevant to the topic

(200 words)


Describe the disadvantages are and why they are disadvantages

(200 words)


Develop alternative courses of action for the manager and/or stakeholders could take in short term (within 6 months) and long term (within 12 months) that are relevant to the topic. (400 words)



Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and select the best option or combination of options to be taken in the short-term and long-term.
(550 words)

Harvard Style

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