Case study 3

Alveolar and cystic echinoccosis are emerging and remerging in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is estimated that zoonotic tapeworms currently infect 2-3 million persons worldwide. The Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa, claimed 11,000 lives in 2015. As a result, current and new emerging diseases are claiming lives each year.

The video below explains how the Ebola virus attacks the cells within the body, which in turn leads to organ failure and death.


Read the following two case studies:

After reading the case study, complete the provided template. You will need to use your textbook and other appropriate resources to assist you in completing your analysis and presentation of findings.


Please use the template to discuss the following information for each of the cases in your study analysis:

  • Discuss Geographic Area Involved:
  • Health Needs
  • Financial/Cultural Costs
  • Outcome of Intervention
  • Conclusion: summary and opinion

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