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Discussion: One Family?Many Issues

The multimedia piece this week, “The Four Cs of Issues and Trends: Change, Contexts, Consequences, and Constants,” introduced the four “categories” of issues and trends included in this course:

  • Changing Demographics and Diversity
  • Poverty
  • Economics, Policies, and Science
  • Equity and Excellence of Care and Education for Children, Families, and Early Childhood Professionals

Over the coming weeks, your educational journey will include opportunities to study these categories and many issues. However, your analysis and evaluation skills will need to be in excellent shape. To this end, the Discussion Assignment this week will help you to practice these skills. As you review the media segment ” The Gonzalez Family: A First Generation Immigrant Experience” and the Gonzalez family pictures, consider these questions:

What is the main issue this family represents and discusses openly?

What other, more subtly addressed issues seem to be a part of the family story?

In what ways are the main issue and the more indirectly mentioned issues related?

What kind of additional information about the family’s issues can you retrieve from the images the Gonzales family chose to share?

In what ways do you professionally and/or personally relate to this family’s story and the issues they are sharing?

What have you learned from examining the issues of the Gonzalez family that may help you understand and examine other issues in the early childhood field?


Video: Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2011). Issues and trends in the early childhood field: The Gonzalez family: A first generation immigrant experience. Baltimore, MD: Author.

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