Business Ethics Strong Ethical Leaders

Each response should be researched using the course materials and/or outside sources, including in-text citations and references following APA formatting

Q2 and Q4 will both be stronger with the use of outside sources.

Remember that a total of three sources, including the book, are required for the Complete assignment.

Each of the 4 questions must meet a 250 word requirement.

1. Habits of Strong Ethical Leaders
Review the habits of strong ethical leaders in Chapter Five. Evaluate yourself on each of those habits, then identify and describe specific areas where you need to change to be a more ethical leader.

2. Examining Warren Buffett as an Effective Leader
Read the Chapter Five debate issue on page 138. Clearly state whether you think
1) Warren Buffett is correct in trusting his managers based on their character, or
2) Buffett needs to focus more on ethical codes and compliance.
Explain your answer.

3. Moral Philosophies
?Individuals use different moral philosophies depending on whether they are making a personal decision or a work-related decision? (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2013, p. 166). Review the moral philosophies described in Chapter Six, and answer the following:
1) Which moral philosophy best describes your personal decision making? Explain using an example from your own experience.
2) Which moral philosophy best describes your work-related decision making? Explain using an example from your own experience.

4. White Collar Crime

After reviewing the material on white collar crime (pp. 169-172), read the Chapter Six debate issue on page 171. Clearly state whether you think
1) White collar criminals have underlying psychological disorders that encourage misconduct, or
2) White collar crime is the result of weak organizational cultures and codes.
Explain your answer. Note: the question is not suggesting that an underlying psychological disorder is a legal defense for white collar crime.
The second question (Warren Buffett) also looks at whether ethical behaviors come from inside the individual or whether ethical behavior are influenced by organizational codes, culture and compliance.
3) Have you taken similar positions in both Q2 and Q4? If not, explain.

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