Business Codes of Ethics: Much Ado About Nothing, or the Real Deal, business and finance homework help

APA format. Must use ONLY the references provided and must use in-text citations.………

?Morgan Stanley: Code of Ethics and Business Conduct,? and ?Starbucks Code of Behavior? discuss the approaches and provisions these two companies have utilized in their attempts to establish credible ethical environments, and the ?Strategic Leadership of Ethical Behavior in Business? article takes the position that ethical behavior involves a business strategy, and must be elevated to the upper echelons of business strategic planning. There seems to be a divergence of opinion on the value or lack thereof of a business code of ethics. Some have argued that business codes of ethics have little value or utility and are merely for public show and consumption. According to these proponents, corporations merely pay lip service to their codes of ethics. On the other hand, it has been argued that business codes of ethics are an essential and vital part of the ethical fabric of corporations.

Must answer the questions below

Using the aforementioned articles as a starting point, what is your perspective on the value or lack thereof of a business code of ethics? Do you think such a code is merely for public show and consumption? Do you think a corporation simply pays lip service to its code of ethics? Why do you feel this way?

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