BUS 309 Business Ethics Week 9 Discussion 1

“Ebola at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital”  Please respond to the following:

  • Watch the video titled ?Full interview: Matt Lauer and Dallas nurse Briana Aguirre? (17 min 25 s). Next, respond to the following questions. Texas Presbyterian nurse Briana Aguirre who treated Ebola stricken colleagues announced publicly that her protective outfit had rips, as well as gaps in it ? exposing body parts to the potentially deadly Ebola virus. She claimed that hospital administration ignored her concerns when she brought it to their attention, and she was given no Ebola training. Briana Aguirre has received praise from colleagues and the media for going public with this information, as well as harsh criticism for being a ?whistleblower? from other colleagues and the media. In your opinion, did Briana Aguirre act ethically or unethically in going public with this information? Should she be fired from the Texas Presbyterian hospital? Support or challenge Briana Aguirre?s decision to go public with this information.
Enron Fallout on Executive and Employees

NBC Learn Video

Title: Enron Fallout on Executive and Employees
Date: Jan 10, 2002
Duration: 00:02:08

Here is a classic example of managers engaging in an unethical practice that resulted in many employees losing their jobs and retirements.


NBC’s Jim Avila shows how mass layoffs at Enron affect employees and the city of Houston. Enron was in fact this city’s number one philanthropist, the city’s number one humanitarian, and it is now Houston’s biggest disaster.

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