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1.In the beginning of Chapter 5, Glen (2003) describes the challenges of evaluating and measuring successful geekwork. He suggests that there is a high degree of creativity involved in their work, even though they work in a rather scientifically precise environment. Do you agree with that notion? Illustrate your agreement or disagreement with an example. Glen also concludes that knowledge AND behavior are critical to evaluating geekwork, citing evidence that knowledge can not be the only criteria. For instance, perfectionism can prevent a geek from delivering on time.

How does a Geek leader provide for internal facilitation and external representation with geeks and business division leaders? Illustrate characteristics of each with examples. In looking at Glen?s (2003) suggestions for motivating geeks, choose two of the motivating characteristics and describe a method for motivating its development in geek leaders. Be sure to cite and reference Glen (2003).

Pick two of your Top 10 Clifton Strengths and describe how you are motivated by using this strength. Describe two real life instances when you felt competent in using that strength. Also, describe how two of your bottom 10 strengths cause you to be unmotivated or “spin your wheels” while trying to operate in this strength. Paraphrase a thought from the readings in Cavanaugh (2013) that motivate you to understand yourself and operate in your strengths.

In this post you will have an in-text citation and full reference from Gallup for Google searches on your Clifton Theme, and for paraphrased or direct quotes from Glen (2003) and Cavanaugh (2013).

TIPS for 1st question

1. my top two TOP strengths are DELIBERATIVE and CONTEXT bottom two strenghts are EMPATHY and HARMONY

2.Log into Cultural Detective ? Global Teamwork Package.

Choose and read Incidents/”Communication Before Cooperation” Case Study. Fill in the four sections (Person A & Person B?s Words & Actions, Person A & Person B?s Values, Beliefs and Personal Cultural Sense). Work only at identifying facts, words, & actions and resist the temptation to make judgments. Copy a short word or action phrase to the Values, Beliefs, and Personal Cultural Sense quadrant and define a value that it represents. Take a screen shot of your filled out quadrant and SAVE AS in .jpg format. Upload the screen shot to the discussion board using the “Insert/Edit Image” button. Write a summary paragraph describing your findings.

This discussion board relates to the Final Team project. While you may work together as a group, EACH member of the group needs to post their thoughts to this discussion board.


1.I logged into CULTURAL DETECTIVE under the COMMUNICATION BEFORE COOPERATION TAB there is a lot of information i take some screenshots what they are talking about.

2.what you need to do is i sent the screen shot you just write the words and actions, values, beliefs&personal cultural sense of GISELA and JAN

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