Branch of The Executive

Answer all the Questions

  1. Discuss a president?s role in foreign policy, domestic policy, military readiness, and governmental administration.
  2. Describe the evolution of the presidency from a weak to strong office. How would you describe today?s presidency?
  3. Beginning with the intention to run for office to the general election, trace the path an individual usually takes from the start to taking the oath of office.
  4. What is the electoral college, and what is its relevance in presidential elections? How are the number of electors arrived at? What is the unit rule, and what effect does it have on election strategy?
  5. Each president must staff the cabinet, currently consisting of 15 departments. Each cabinet head commands a large organization charged with carrying out executive directives and implementing laws. As a whole, this represents the governmental bureaucracy. Provide a description of the types of responsibilities carried out by the bureaucracy, and explain the various bureaucratic organizations.
  6. Discuss some of the factors that have an impact on presidential leadership, particularly the first 100 days. Include such things as public support or relations with Congress. Are there others?
  7. Contrast the merit system and the patronage system regarding government employment.
  8. Compare and contrast the three models of bureaucracy.
  9. Often called the fourth branch of government, the bureaucracy has tremendous power in its ability to implement policy. Discuss this power.
  10. The Congress can hold the president accountable for all actions. Who holds the bureaucracy accountable for its actions or lack thereof? What are some of the methods used for bureaucratic accountability?

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