Blue River Home Care

Below i have the question and will attach a word document of what needs to be read

Question:Blue River Home Care- e-Health

Read the case study entitled Blue River Home Care in Unit 14 (e-Health) Brown, Patrick, and Pasupathy (2013) readings. Based upon your readings and further research, write an essay answering the questions below. Write a 3-6 page essay written in APA 6th edition including at least 2 references responding to the following questions:

  1. Name some of the challenges in ensuring continuity of care for patients with chronic conditions. How can emerging technologies solve or at least ease these challenges?
  2. List some of the benefits of integrating a PHR with a health social network sites for patients with chronic illness, their caregivers, and the organization.
  3. Name the specific impacts of adopting e-health and social media applications on the structure and strategies of a healthcare organization.
  4. How might the adoption of an integrated PHR and health social network site change the interaction and relationship between patients and health professionals?

This activity addresses the following learning objectives:

  • Apply strategic planning and management concepts and principles to health information and quality management activities;
  • Apply the principles of ethical decision-making for health information managers and quality managers;
  • Assess the quality of healthcare outcomes and services utilizing quality management tools and survey assessments;
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in health information systems.
  • Write clearly and concisely about health information systems using proper writing mechanics.

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