Behavior of concern dogs? reactions to different situations, homework help

Behavior of concern dogs? reactions to different situations

Antecedent Events


Consequent Events

(Describe what happened immediately prior to the behavior.)

(Describe what the student did in objective, observable terms.)

(Describe what happened immediately following the behavior.)

3. The do lying on the couch and Taking a nap

2. The dog continues to lay on the couch

1. the Dog Laying on the couch

5. The dog eating in the kitchen

2. The dog refuses to back to the porch.

1. The dog backs to the porch.

The dog Approaching footsteps and stirs up.

3.The dog starts barking at neighbors

2. The dog stops Barking at the neighbors

2. The dog trying to avoid at the park

2. The dog trying to escape at the park

3. The dog runs back

The dog refuses to put the leash on

1. The dog continues to refusing to put the leash on

5. The dog escapes again

Summary statement

How I would intervene based on the results of the of my assessment

answer the two questions above

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